Os Catalépticos

A desert island nice place to take girls.
Too good to be true, a really good place.
To suffer on the hands of those that didn't want to die.

They're hungry zombies searching for human meat!

It was supposed to be easier to escape,
But they're all around.
Where this creatures came from?
Search for shelter? Who I'll ask for a help?

They're hungry zombies searching for human meat!

An old woman in her hut,
How can she survive in this infested island?
Human meat and bloodshed, that's what she likes.
She's worst than them 'cause she lives.
She's going to catch you in reason, to watch you die.
On pain, cold fear and hunger!

From outer space, they occupied the earth.
Living isolated in the island
that is home for them.
Intruder is you that disturbed their calming,

And invaded their reserved
solo, To those that
lives from the death.
Soon it will be their land

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