State To State


"These niggaz get on my nerves though, on tour.
Especiall Az-Izz, that nigga'll xxxx a midget!"

Yo, I be xxxxxx every I go, man
East, West, Down South, Up North
It don't matter, man, I just - xxxx y'all
Ah, come on, y'all
Sing it for me, sing it
(And it goes)

I done fucked hoes, in Colorado
(In the Rockies!)
I done fucked hoes, in L.A. too
(Under the palm trees!)
I done fucked hoes, down in Chicago
(While it's windy!)
And I will xxxx you too

[VERSE 1: Yah Yah]
Yo - check it
The way we serve crews keep birds on my testicles
I make 'em chew 'em like stir-fried vegetables
Rhyme constant while they ride Johnson
That's how my gameplan stay up like John Thompson
Georgetown to San Fran' it's all one wham-bam
Gettin brains on the Pan Am or the Trans Am
I love em like pirates, no plans of marriage
I'm slick enough I can sell sand to A-rabs

[VERSE 2: D.U.]
If she look good and stuff then I'm pushin up lookin rough
Next thing you know D.U. is squishin guts
Then by next Friday, I'll have you on the runway
Still eat the crumbcake on any given Sunday
(Don't give a xxxx if your man mad)
I'll straight cave in his chin
Just another nigga late payin his rent (I need money)
Out's eyes green like E Double in each logo
Callin all promoters cause we need more hoes


[VERSE 3: Nawshis]
Every tour date, it's more foreplay
Nawshis, feed 'em my sausage like it's gourmet
We play 'pass the body'
When they have Bacardi in the after-party
With all the women there, nappy and pretty hair
Some who clits be pierced; they body's like Britney Spears
So never will I rape a date
Too many whores on tour, when I'm goin state to state

[VERSE 4: Axe]
My piece in D.C. love me to pinch the clitoris
Ran trains on dames in Arizona when we visited
Chicks askin, "You think you all that?" Yes!
My xxxxx in Cali mad cause I ain't called back yet
Tricked in studios, owned by Dallas Austin
Got my dick sucked off, when I flossed in Boston
Got head in Boulder - in New Orleans I'm a No Limit Soldier
(UNNGGGGHHH!) Dick keep 'em awake like Folgers


[VERSE 5: Denzy]
Yo, after the show it's just a ritual
To get a hoe, try to dig her out like the Flipmode
(These xxxxxxx know) whether bowed or pigeon-toed
We be gettin hoes that be in centerfolds
(Look: actresses, models) Yeah, about ten of those
Five xxxxxxx bring me dough, five xxxxxxx sendin me clothes
I guess I'm just nice with it; I only xxxx a tight bitch
when I don't find a hoodrat to spend the night with

[OUTRO: Axe]
Love is love, bitch, hate is hate
I get xxxxx from state to state
Love is love, bitch, hate is hate
I gets xxxxx from state to state
Love is love, bitch, hate is hate
I gets xxxxx from state to state
Love is love, bitch, hate is hate
The Outz get xxxxx from state to state

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