Grandma - Grandpa

Owen Gray

Just listen grandma
And you too, grandpa
Don't you get jumping
Like Humpty Dumpty
Don't go out and then ball
You may stumble and fall

All the girls call you Sam
But you been my little lamb
Don't you be no fool
Take care of that rule
Stay far from Blueberry Hill
Just remember Jack and Jill
Oooh, grandma, grandma

I hope you've heard the story
May it last in glory
Please do the things right
Don't start up a fight
Now you're not so bold
Because you're getting old

Oooh grandma, grandma
Call to grandpa
Yes grandpa, grandpa
Call grandma
Grandma, grandpa
Just listen to grandma
Oooh, grandma
Just won' t you hear, grandpa
Ah, and you too, grandma
You don't listen to what you want more, grandma

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