Street signs


This for the b boys in the place who be breaking rockin ecko
pnb the nation now its on ready set go
let it be said dude with the dred is from the west coast
lanoleum what? My homies kill it like asbestos
i'm bout the cleanest of the grimeys
hold the mic and with the same hand do 1990s
peace to radiotron don't stop you know its real
being normals like a bunt
so I do stunts when I windmill
you a faker
peace to rock steady and the l.a City
replace electro lites with a shot of super socco
nobody ever ticked like the homie poppin taco
or my uncle pablo still pop on occasions
this is dedicated to the blacks,whites,and asians
and my latinos
and my bambinos
who refuse to be wack
spin on they back for a c-note
come on!

Verse 2-

Throw ya hands in the air
all my people keep em there
gata fam fresh crew
al n nyle for mayor
cause its more to this track then the kick and the snare
we been all around the world trying to take you there
so say yeah
yeah todays the day aint it
let yo soul soar free above this world tainted
i dream a dream to some it seems faded
where it don't even matter what color your skin's painted
i windmilled in wales until I fainted
before the record sales prevailed we was related
like cousins
and then the bling came
in the meantime we still grind for street fame
like chaka spray paint what I'm saying
when I was a baby wrote graffiti with a crayon
my combos levitate like a sayonce
see the street signs so I'm embracing the chaos
come on!

Composição: Ozomatli

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