Raven Diamond


Here I Confess
Try to resist
Words are forced out
Forever I am their doll

I can't help it
Favored puppet
Strings are my chains
Bound and tranquilized

I want to fight them
I want to show them

I'm not a victim
I'm a sur-v-i-v-or

I stand alone
Drenched to the bone
Left out to rot
Childs toy they forgot

I rise above this
End all the tests
Your no master
You are a disaster

I won't forget this
I will be cautious

You can't escape it
Karma twi-st-ed fa-te

I release pain
Freedom I gain
Hatred dies down
Pity th-e poor fools

I make my life
This I decide
Cut all my ties
Fri-ends in the pa-st

Join me in freedom
Stop the abuse

Your not a victim
You are worth it

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