Violence Is In Style

Rebel Hell

We like guns and we like to fight our slogan is “peace my ass”
A shot of bourbon, a round lead drunk from a dirty glass
We don't want hear your whining or your chicken shit
Fickle men without their balls and we're plenty sick of it

Chorus: Violence is in style, violence (3x)
Violence is a way of life

We're tired of all the weaklings and the move to feminize
We size them up with a rifle butt right between the eyes
We learned our conflict resolution the old fashioned way
Step out back, we'll show you how just like the olden days


We have no time for weak sisters with their limping wrists
We're walking tall, swaggering and standing when we piss
We take the measure of a man by how he shoots, fights or fucks
Not by how many deals he made at his fucking power lunch


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