Queen Of Fools

Red Dust

You wasted all my precious time
A piece of life left behind
The bullshit coming from your mind
Some reason I can’t find

And I hate you
Oh I don’t blame you
And I love you
It’s such a shame
It’s such a shame

This crown you’re holding on your head
They’re reason to be dead
These words I’m holding on my chest
They’re dangerous to be said

And when it’s all been said and done
My friend you’re not the only one
Who’s harmless in this crazy world
So let it go just let it go

It came to you
The same story nothing new
You do what you can do
But you’re still nothing but a fool

You’re out of sight and out of mind
I’m leaving you behind
My wounds they turned to scars with time
I’m clawing back my light

And I hate you
Oh and I blame you
And I love you
It’s such a shame
I’ts such a shame

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