Rich Gang

[Intro] Rich Gang! [Lil Wayne] If you hatin' you just need some pussy She fucked up when she gave me some pussy I said I fuck you better than that other nigga She say Tune I'm 'bout to cum, I say I'm comin' which ya She don't like them pretty niggas, sidity niggas She ride this dick, her titties jiggle, that's my pillows That's because I sleep in that ho Hit it when I wake up tell the pigs I say Asalaam Alaykum Uh, my bitch a choosy lover never fuck without a rubber Sweet yellow bone thing, I call her honey mustard Pussy like a sea shell, dick like a V-12 She say I drive her crazy, I say just keep on your seatbelt Bend it over bust it open for me Baby bend it over bust it open for me She say she love me she loves this dick Come put that million dollar pussy on me make me rich Tunechi [Hook: Future] She got that million dollar, million dollar ooh, ooh ohh She got that million dollar, million dollar ooh, ohh ohh And all I want to do is touch it (touch it, ooh, ooh ohh) Make her tapout, tapout, tapout, tapout, tapout And I'm gon' make her tapout, tapout, tapout, tapout, tapout [Birdman] Crib made her tapout, sauna made her tapout Jet made her tapout, pilot with the map out Million on the diamonds, million on the kitchen Millions on the Maybach, glass top ceilings Million dollar pussy, sleepin' on Versace Sleepin' on Fendi, sleepin' on Cavalli Married to the money, millions in the bank Alexander McQueen rich in the paint [Mack Maine] I got that fuck you if you love me on some nigga shit She got the million dollar seven figure nigga rich We switch positions like we doin' yoga in this bitch She get the shakin' then stiff [Hook] [Nicki Minaj] Million dollar pussy... Million dollar pussy... Six inch, pumps, play with his balls, dunks Bald head, yep, don't want no Forrest, Gumps Don't let me tell ya, twice, already told you, once (Eat that pussy!) W-W-W-Who got that baddest pussy on the planet? D-Boyz love me, they don't understand it Ooooooooooooooooooh, deep throat Million dollar pussy might pounce on that ass Threw them hundreds until I lose count on that ass Max out all of them accounts on that ass Million dollar checks don't bounce on that ass Pull up in that you can't afford this Only rap bitch on the Forbes list Pussy jewelry make em say burr man R-r-r-rubs hands like Birdman [Hook] [Birdman - over Hook] Rich Gang... and Rich girl Sexy Slim, I see you Paradise home, flossing while you're shining Jumping out Bugatti's, fuck the money game up Why? I don't know Sweet D! Love you babygirl [Outro: Detail] I'm in love with your gimpsin' skin and you talkin' 'bout religion... I'm in prison with the pussy... and I'm ballin', no cushion

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