Letra - It's Me Again

Roberto Carlos

Compositor:Doug Mccormick / Denis Smith

Letters in the fireplace Last glance at the glossy's Fore they hit the trash Just another check I couldn't cash Save one case I write a book Or take another look Somewhere in december I've been alone since May Wonder what they're doing in L.A. If I called and she was home what would I say? I'd say it's me again Calling just to say I never wanna speak to you After all the things you put me through When you left me on my own drive Through your neighborhood Just to tell you that I'm gone for good Make it clear and understood I'm so much better all alone It's me again It's me again Sknow flakes falling from above But they melt and disappear Like the thing we thought was love And wash away like tears Second city winter Hand so cold, can't light my cigarette If there's warmth, I haven't found it yet I think I'm learning how I can forget It's me again It's me again

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