Falésia do Amor


Falésia do amor
Vertigem, magia em mim
Falésia do amor
Vertigem, magia em mim
Lá, lá, lá...
Fui com o vento
E entrei num sol distante
A arder em cor
Lá, lá, lá...
Numa falésia encontrei
O alucinante sol do amor...

Fell the wind
There's a sun in the cliff!
Take your wings
Call your friends
And open up your heart
The sign of love
Is the soul of the cliff
And the sun is a gift
From the angel of truth

Don't give up
Everything is alright!
There's np fears
There's no tears
In the house of light
You will be the one
In that shiny sun
Coz everybody's happy
In the cliff of love...


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