The Special Part


Come with me in my torture room
Take off your dress Seelenkrank
Lay on the bed
See the candles burning smooth
Feel he steel, feel the cold The
Take off your shoes
Feel no doubt
I´m your fate in this night Special
Feel the pleasure, feel the lust
This special feelings makes you hot Part

See me lying at your feet
See my tongue lick your stockings Songtexte
See me kissing your naked feet
See the pleasure in my eyes Songtext
Can you see the pleasure in my eyes?
Can you see my body starts to burn? Lyrics
I can see the lightning in your eyes
When I kiss the special part of your legs Lyric

Your polished nails in my mind
Your endless legs in my mind Liedertexte
You like to see me at your toes
My tongue is playing Liedertext
Your eyes wide open
You try to hurt me,cut my flesh Alle
You drink my blood, you need my blood
I lick my blood from your feet Seelenkrank
And now you´re coming
I feel the heat

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