Every day is halloween

Sharon Needles

This is not a simple thing
It's my soul of what i sing
About the love with no reply
The reason i cry at night
A girl of whom i shouldn't care
Who makes my life so hard to bear
Believe me, i have tried every pill
What else can i do, when ill?

So, i did not have much option there
And i had to overcome my fear
And went to see the doc, to open up
My heart, to ease the grief or make it stop

Instead of that, no knives were used
And after all, i was amused
A bunch of papers filled with names
And numbers was what he gave
I called them all, and dated three or two
Yet, could not compare a single one with u
I mean, doc, u gotta help me out
This is not the treatment we talked about

We considered blondes and slims
As far as i can remember things
Not a girl with wings or horns
Or a liqueur instead of gore

I really am a man in need
Of delicate and caring she
I'm in such a pain u cannot guess
That's the reason why i'm so obsessed
You're the cure to my rare disease
This is an ache only you can ease
And now i say my final words
And hope u have the patient nerve

Cos some of this was not exactly true
In fact i have been totally lying to you..
But, u gotta believe me, i am perfectly fune
I just get distracted for time to time

Ok, you win, you cannot trust someone my kind
I made the story up to make u mine
Though prescription is as clear as book
Direct orders from a doc, we cannot overlook
The drug he wrote, was very right
You should be near me, by my side
I should lie next to your lovely smile
And stay like that till your wake up bite

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