Shawnay Bonnana

It is me
The one and only
Shawnay Bonnana back at it to slay the game
And if you don't like what I'm saying
Then you might as well wanna take a seat
Because Imma show you that I am one you cannot defeat
(okay) and that wasn't even the track but I'm still hitting fire
And Yes it is true I am back

[Verse 1]
Look at you hoes tell me why mad
Is you just salty that I'm sleeping with your man
Been gone for a minute well guess what Bitch I'm back
Yall tried to steal the spotlight
I'm taking my shit back
Look at you acting like you two
Laying them edges with a fucking stick of glue
You know what bitch I ain't got the time for you
Pay close attention this is my Re - Debut
All them hoes wanna fuck with me
Wanna fuck up my destiny
Wanna act like they dumb shit is even doin shit to me
Look Hoes this is how
Shit gonna go down
It's either you back of or get beat the fuck down
Cause this queens keeping her crown
And for those hard of hearing clowns
This is how a bad bitch sounds

In the past I was pushing
To be some bitch that I'm not
Due to me faking
I had to Relinquish my spot
I had to take some time off
But I had one goal in mind
Get back to the top, where the shit is hot
And to never ever forget that grind

This is my Re - Debut
Imma show you what I can do
This is not no Deja Vu
This Is completely new
My Re - Debut, My Re - Debut, My Re - Debut
This is not no Deja Vu
My Re - Debut, My Re - Debut
Ouu woo oouuu oouuu ouu woo ouuu

[Verse 2]
Previous works were some trash
Just look at yall hoes, some trash
Not a single bitch got any class
All they wanna do is inject they ass
Look I been a bad bitch
But I don't got no shortcut of starting out rich
Making shitty music, talking bout some damn rice and cabbage
Average is something that a bad bitch could neva be
And just in case you was wondering the bad bitch is always me
Yup, Yup, Yup
The queens of the game right now
Nicki, Cardi, and Iggy
But they better watch out
Cause all they doing is warming the throne for me
They all some ornaments
I'm the star on the Christmas tree
Watch out for me, Watch out for me, Watch out for me
Welcome to my warming party
Yup, Yup, Yup

See, Right here is how all yall hoes
Know you done messed up
This is how you know you done messed up

This is my Re - Debut
Imma show you what I can do
This is not no Deja Vu
This is completely new
My Re - Debut, ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
My Re - Debut, My Re - Debut, My Re - Debut ohh
My Re - Debut, This is my Re - Debut Mmm
My Re - Debut, My Re - Debut uhh, My Re - Debut
This is my Re - Debut

I'm getting sick of all you hoes
Get out my face go and blow your nose
Cause that's the kind of crap
That be in you lyrics
I'm so tired of smelling that shit

Yup, Yup, Yup
That's the only thing that be coming out your mouth
Shit, Shit, Shit
That's the only thing
I'm a bad bitch, look
Shawnay Bonnana, back at it again
Re - Debut, welcome my friend

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