Don't Get Too Close (feat. Bibi Bourelly & Sonny Moore)


Hm, hm
(Do you have any idea?) hm
(Anyone that has ideas, please)

I write songs in my
Garage with my friends
And sometimes it feels like (but that's how you feel?)
The school day won't end
And my mom hates me
She thinks I'm depressed
But I'm really happy
When I'm in the garage with my friends (right?)

Don't get too close
'Cause nobody knows me
Don't get too close
You don’t even know me

(I don't know what else to say, that's hard, right?)
(Do you have anything?)

I'm on my pc
I see famous people
I think they're like m?
So why aren't we equal?

Don't g?t too close
Nobody knows me
Don't get too close
Nobody knows me

('Cause nobody knows me)

Composição: Skrillex, Bibi Bourelly, Lido

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