The A-b Theory

We sat and watched the thieves steal copper from lights
To make the pills that we would take so we could stay up all night
We'd talk for days about the stupidest stuff
It meant the world, but it flew by like most everything good does

I had this dream you were swimming in the sea
Alone and scared, I watched you struggle from a distance to breathe
But I didn't help, I just watched you slip away
Like an anchor, when you drowned it helped to stabilize me

Is it so wrong that this makes me feel complete?
The ocean swallows every bad memory
To watch you die, love, ignoring all your pleas
Hitting the bottom, I missed your drab heart beat

When I awoke the sun caught fire to breathe
I felt you gone and there I lay in a state of relief
I slept that year as much as I possibly could
Acquiescing to that solace slowly erasing you

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