The Black Seeds

The tighter you wind it up
The harder it's gonna hit you and
The faster that you run is how much quicker it will catch you

You can't escape from yourself

You pushed it until it snapped
But now I wouldn't turn your back cause
When you least expect it's gonna
Grab you by the neck kid and ...
Now that you've made a mess
Now that you've made a mess

The sum of all your actions
Slingshot ? Slingshot get ya
And it's coming back round
Yes, it's coming back round ? Hey!

Simmer down your temper now
Don't inflame your problem
With each step that you're making
Sends you in the wrong direction

Holding on to everything

Love is given, taken away
Never take more than you give I say
Life has a way of telling us
When your causing a mess or fuss and

I can hear it coming closer


What you give, it's coming back to you
(Repeat x3)

I can hear it coming closer

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