Walk Or Ride

The Ditty Bops

With just one kiss you could change the world
It might not be much better but it certainly couldn't hurt
When you stomp your feet you aren't hurting me
But you're always killing something just by living on the earth

So who you supposed to listen to when you're looking for something to do
And all the voices shut you up
'Cause someone put a brick in your coffee cup
When you're trying to decide whether to walk or to ride
Take the easy way you know that you want to

I saw an educated girl give her hair a twirl
And contemplate the meaning of a man with just one arm
She's not a genius or a dunce but it makes no difference
For at any moment we might find ourselves a charm

But I'm feeling quite confused by the people who refuse to see
A simple way of life don't make you the loser
They say we won't make it far if we don't drive there in a car
But we'll be there with time to spare and find our own way home

You might find the meaning in the barrel of a rifle
If it's pointed at a bird or if it's pointed at your head
But me I'd rather plant a tree that grows up tall for all to see
Until I need a pencil then I'll chop it to the ground

At night falling down will it make a sound
Should I even wonder what it'd say
It's so hard to change yourself easier to tell someone else
That everything is going to be ok


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