Fades The Sun

The Duke Spirit

Everything has come undone
Story guides can't help no one
Right between two beating hearts
I stick to know I've played my part
Now I know I go between
Natural love is out of sight
Take a place or take your own
Spread an inky stain

Fades the sun yeah
Fades that sun oh

I like to shake with everyone
Take my hand let's kiss and run
I'm giving love and you take for free
Not so cheap well I'm glad we know
For friends that caught you feed their own
Spread the tale and watch it grow
Giving love
Take for free
You're the inky stain

Fade the sun
No fade the sun

Everything has come undone
Story guide can't help no one
Absolution's not the same
And spoken real, so easy done
Sing in vain or sing the chorus
There's no one, they're wading off
Trust in money
Love in me
I'll see you everywhere

Fade the sun
Fades that sun oh
Fade that sun
Fade that sun
Fade that sun
No fade that sun ohhh oh

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