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Forever (feat. Reinaldo)

Tony Garcia

I can see in your eyes
That you've been wanting me
And now that we're together
You have showed me what I need

The way you make me feel
When you're lying next to me
It captivates my soul
As I can't let you go

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Forever till the day I die
You will always be the one
By my side

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Can't let you go
I need you more and more
Girl can't you see
that you´re the one for me
I need your love
I've got to have your touch
As long we stay together
We will last forever

Don't you feel what I feel
When I wrap you in my arms
Embracing you so tight
I want you here all night

I'm giving you my love
You're the only one I need
So baby can't you see
You belong here with me

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