Venus Complex

Twelve Tribes

Hammers of our destinies smash us like collisions of planets; fragile legs march to chaotic distance.
Inching towards the end of our love, as we know it.
Time hasn't changed the weight of gravity.
Time hasn't changed the wait.
Count down to expiration my heart has not been sold or saved by your love.
Obsession, self-destruction, I'd burn it all for you.
Damaged hypodermic sex lingers in the air until you reappear with it and I feel an absence of self destruction.
If I could have it all it wouldn't be enough if I had it all without you my heart is the rising sun over abandoned skies.
No longer wanted to light the earth left cold and unborn to the life below.
Breath the signs and the weight of calculated destiny although "...place and time are meaningless" it would take an eternity to replace the years of my life spent loving you.
Time hasn't changed the weight of gravity, time hasn't changed the wait with a pen in my heart and this message to write I can't pretend it's all for nothing or it's all been lost.

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