Hold On Tight


Yeah! High heels and walkin' tall
With eyes that could set you on fire
Soft skin, a mischievous grin
And legs that couldn't stretch any

She's sixteen, just a kid with a dream
Keeps pictures on her bedroom wall
Her mind is clean, but she's ever so
Just a natural born girl

You gotta hold, hold on tight
Don't lose your love for desire (desire!)
Don't let your love slip away
Love can snap like a wire

Fornication's no explanation
Why pretty girls keep taking the blame
You can't judge a book by it's cover
As some cynics do and that is a shame

One look at her makes you stop and stare
She's so inviting, that's never the intention
Young and beautifull, what's come over you
She can drive you right out of your mind

You gotta hold (Hold!), Hold on tight
Hold (Hold!), Hold on tight
Hold (Hold!), Hold on tight

Yeah baby!

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