Kill Or Not To Kill


Kill or not to kill? This is the question
Be or not to be? An assassin
Live or not to live? This brutal ilusion
Die or not to die? Live forever

Your sweet eyes, your dark eyes
Reveal the secrets of your soul
You don't know but I can feel your near
Your fast breath running from me
Run, but there's no way out
Like cat and rat you're in my game
Adrenalin fullfill my will
To let you not to live more time

Time will come to everyone
After all there all be bones
All I do is accelerate
The unchanging truth
You gonna die!

It's the law of the nature
The law of the world
The stronger just live
With the death of the weaks
Your heavy breath, your ending breath
Reveal that life is closing to you
You'll never know why this began
My lucidity depends of you

Run but there's no way to hide
Forever I'll play my game
My work on earth is to kill
An for my job you've got to die

It's the brutal law
So lay and crawl
For the name of death
And for the father of sin

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