So It's Over

Weeping Willows

So it's over It's over for now We finally fell asleep And it's over for now We
argued again We just couldn't agree We finally fell asleep We just let it be
But tomorrow will be another day And we will have to try another way Why do we
always go wrong? We could be listening to the lovebird's song Why can't we
never really see That it's not meant to be you and me It's that new day We've
not straightened things out my love for you fade away I don't even doubt And
tomorrow could be another day And I will have to go, go my own way So it's over
It's over and gone I'll have to leave you for good 'Cause this can't go on And
tomorrow must be another day I know I will have no regrets 'Cause I can't stand
to stay

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