Amor À Primeira Vista (Tradução em Inglês)

Amado Batista

Álbum: Amor À Primeira Vista

Compositor:Amado Batista E Reginaldo Sodré

I did not know where you came And not who you were Just know that was beautifully As the spring flowers He had a great brightness in his eyes And speaking in a gentle way with purity And a big hair strand That adorned her beauty even more And my baby was born so strong As a romance magazine It really was a passion This love at first sight And this time I knew your name Who you were and where you came It was the recipe that the doctor has To ease my pain crazy You're all that and more It is the reason of my life And the water did not kill my thirst I have kept that love me There was still so strong To reveal this love I'm not afraid to hear a And having to endure such pain