Chance To Love

Above The Golden State

Why would I bother speaking
If my words weren’t meant to share
Why would I bother breathing
If my lungs don’t need the air
Why would my heart keep drumming on
If there’s no will here to live

I don’t want to give up
‘Cause today’s a chance to love
I don’t want to give up
‘Cause today’s a chance to love
Why do I search for romance
If my heart is made of stone
Why should I fight for freedom
If the war is far from home
Why do I search for meaning here
If there’s no means to the end

Yesterday is like the fog at death-grips with the sun
And today, redemption’s at the mercy of the dawn

Why does my God still trust me
When I’ve run away from Him
Why does my God come save me
From the sins that I commit
Why would He send His only Son
If we could live without love

Love right now like there’s no tomorrow
Love wants out, kill the pain and sorrow
Love wants out! Love right now!

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