One Thirty Nine

Above The Golden State

When I was yet unformed
You saw me and my days were numbered
You formed me
When I was in the dark
You searched me every part turned over
You found what's inside of my heart

Where can I go
If I want to be alone?
I turn and Your there
Now I'm gonna let it out
All I know
Is Your mercy surrounds me
Your thoughts for me outnumber the sand
Now I'm gonna sing it out
From my soul
Only You understand me
You're holding me inside Your hands

From the moment I was born
You tried me and You made me stronger
I remember when You let me take control
So I would wonder
Who I am and who I'm under
You broke me
To show me who You are

Outside cut into my inside
You won't stop ‘til You find
The pride in my head, in my head
Inside You can give me one mind
Press me ‘til I rewind
Into Your hands, into Your hands

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