Invite Me


This is the dream I had of you last night
I saw your father, I couldn't tell whether he was laughing or crying
He followed us dancin' around, we're all walking happy
You made a joke and you and I laughed uncontrollably
I saw the sea, the big moon it cleaned itself out
And we sat on the dusty hillside and you spoke about my rooms
It's the little things yeah it's the little things
I tried to show ya and then you lifted up and you walked around

You stood behind me and placed your hands upon my head
And smoothed down my hair and lovingly cradled my neck
And I could be there by now if you'd invite me darlin'
Invite me darlin'

I've just woken up to a cold day
And I can smell every single thing and I feel shaken
Too many dreams of ya, I'm insane, say it again, I'm insane
When I come into the house all my worries come back
Gotta melt it in the sun, melt it again, bullshit stories, all my own
I'm insane, I can't look after myself
I'm gone nearly every single day you walk around

She's the most captivating woman of today
You'd better run and ring her bell, you'd better run and sell it well boy
It's all there, it's all proof, my silence is my speech to you
You you you always come back to feature in my sleep
Wake me up and walk around

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