Jewel Thief


It’s high time that I met you, it’s the right time to do so
Yes it’s high time that I met you cos you’re so good for my soul

Oh babe you’re so hard to control

Nestled in your heart babe is the perfect little jewel
A precious little twinkle, too good to be true
It don’t matter what you do it doesn’t matter what you say
Just tell me what you want for it and how much will I pay

When I introduced myself you know that it was war
I coveted your special things and took them from your drawer
When I get that feeling of deep down lust
I gotta take everything before I lose the thrust

Soaking in my wedding, gloating in my heart
I’m a jewel thief on the run

I look upon your arm and see fine hairs up to your wrist
Laced upon my finger is this rare green amethyst
Confronted with your beauty and your slender footed fall
I stop to pick the pieces up, a jewel thief on the floor

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