Adam's Not Funny

Well I read the papers everyday and I can't believe the words they say
About this y2k situation. The fear is growing in their eyes and most are gonna
say they're last goodbyes, and It's driving me crazy
I just can't believe the gullibility of society
So if you act right now you can hop a jet and get out of town
Don't pass this offer of now

Stop look what do you see
I see the people running up these crowded streets
So build a bunker and hide for days because
The apocalypse is coming for you

So people of the world listen to what I have to say
Cause 2001 is the real millennium boy don't you know that
Nostradamus is full of shit
Everybody's talking about the bombs that'll explode or implode
When that ball drops down
But I know this world's not comin to an end and we won't be dead

So I just wish you people could understand
I'm not causin trouble I'm just a guided hand and
I know that it's just a gimmick to you
What you put me through

So when the something's comin
Don't look at me I'll be layin back comfortable as hell
What the hell
The final hour's rounding down you're so afraid
Lying in your seat your final doomsday
But you're interrupted by the cracking of my beer
Cause I'm off my ass screaming happy new year

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