Three Little Words

Adam's Not Funny

I was gazing through my prom pictures just the other day
That's when I realized all my thought of you were slowly fading away
Do you remember when you asked me
I was so scared but yet so happy
Now I wish I could turn back the hands of time
And say I'm sorry

But 3 little words are the reason you left me
And these 3 little words always seem to screw things up for me

I used to love to get off work and keep you company
And every time I would close my eyes and sing my fears would go away
And there you would be
I wish you would come back to me but what's done is done and
I can't change history I walk around town saying to myself
How can this be

So many thoughts of you racing through my mind
There has been so many times I couldn't sleep at night
I just want things back the way they used to be
Sometimes I wonder if you would listen to me
Like if I said I could give the world to you
Would you take it for what it's worth or would you call me a fool
All my friends tell me to turn and walk away
But there's something in my emotions and it's makin me stay
I talk to you and withstand the pain you gave to me
When you tore my heart away may not believe what I'm saying is true
But the truth is Meredith
I miss you
I lost you
To 3 little words that will always screw up my relationship
with you

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