Make You Happy

Alan Chin

When you're staring at the walls
And your heart begins to sink
Seems that no-one ever calls
And you've nothing left to think

Well I would love to make you happy
But I'm busy with my mind
Cos I would love to make your world right
I need your help and you need mine

When you're queuing with the rest
Hurrying to wait in line
I'm the one that's behind you
I'm behind you all the time


It's Monday again.
Drives you insane
There's more to gain.
When you touch the flame

And I have seen you from afar
Wondering if you have seen me
Seen you sitting in your car
Just staring at the sea

I've seen your head slumped at the bar
Won't you buy a drink for me
Cos this old world aint very large
I hope one day you'll talk to me


It's Monday again...

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