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Rabbit Foot Blues

Blind Lemon Jefferson

Blues jumped a rabbit : run him one solid mile
This rabbit sat down : cried like a natural child

Well it seem like you hungry : honey come and lunch with me
I want to stop these married?looking women : from worrying me

I have Uneeda biscuits here : and a half a pint of gin
The gin is mighty fine : them biscuits are a little too thin

[Baby tell me something, I want to know] : about those meatless and wheatless days
This not being my home : I don't think I could stay

I cried for flour and meat : I declare it was gone
Keep a?feeding me corn bread : I just can't stick around long

Got an airplane baby : now I'm going to get a submarine
Going to get that Kaiser : and we'll be seldom seen

Mmm hitch me to your buggy mama : drive me like a mule
Reason I'm going home with you sugar : I ain't much hard to be fooled

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