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Wartime Blues

Blind Lemon Jefferson

What you going to do : when they send your man to war
I'm going to drink muddy water : go sleep in a hollow log

Ain't got nobody : I'm all here by myself
Well these women don't care : but the men don't need me here

Well I'm going to the river : going to walk it up and down
If I don't find *fourteen* : I'm going to jump overboard and drown

If I could shine my light : like a headlight on some train
I would shine my light : in Corinna's brain

Well they tell me that southbound train : had a wreck last night
You little section foreman : ain't treating your railroad right

Well the girl I love : is the one I crave to see
Well she's living in Memphis : and the fool won't write to me

Now tell me woman : what have I said and done
You treat me : like my trouble have just begun

Composição: Blind Lemon Jefferson

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