The Block Pop So Th Strip Full,
Rocks, Gotta Fist full,
Boy Pop Shit That Hot Shit I Gotta Clip Full,
When I Start Sparkin, It Be Barkin Like Pitbulls,
Matter Of Fact Rottwhila's
When I Make Dem Shots Holla!
Chicks On My Cock, Still On The Block Holla!
If Cops On The Block, They Still Gonna Cop, Holla!
Ock I Got Sence, Dhats Why I Got Dollaz,
I Was Told To Move, I'm Old School Like
My Godfather!
I Was Showed Th Moves, Schooled By The Older
Dudes, How To Show & Prove, So I Move Like
A Soldier Moves!
Real Militant, I'm I'll Still Killin It,
I'm Real, Guys That's Paralized That's Still
Feelin It!
Yeah I'm Still On My Feet & My Toes,
Get High As The President You Sweet
At Da Nose, Gettin Higher Den The Nose Bleed
Seats At My Shows, Fuck a Mayback, I Play The Back Seats Of The Rows!
Fuck A Gt, I Pull Up In The Cls, There Guts
Soft Like My Female Breast, Is It A
V12, Yes!
I cop the uncopable nigga, u can't stop the unstopable nigga, I'll buss a shot through u niggas!
And I Was Like A Pop To You Niggaz, I Gave You A Flow, Adopted You Niggaz, I Did Alot For U Niggaz!
N This The Fuckin Thanx I Get, U My Sun U Should Thank My Dick!
U Take My Shit Flip It Around & Now You
Think You Sick? I Guess U Think U Cass,
But I Think You Trash, & I'll Spank
Dhat Ass, U Ain't Fuckin Wid Me,
You Wouldn't Even Rap Like Dhat If It
Wasn't For Me! WOW!
I've Been Hav My Weight Up, How You Gonna
Battle Me Widda Style That I Made Up?
WOW! When I'm Home, It's Envy, I'm Feelin
Like Da Boy [GunShot] When He Was On The Phone
Wid [Gunshot] WOW!
Wut The Fuck Is Going On Out Here? Wut The Fuck Is Niggaz Doin Out Here, Niggaz Drawn Ou Here!
Your Block Hot, I Put A John Out There, My Block Hot Your Shit Warm Out There!
So We Goin Out There, Set Up Shot, And Get It On Out There, I'm On Point Like A Thorn Out
Come To Philly, I'm A Don Out Here, Yeah U Know I'm A Boss Dawg, (I Don't Know Wtf He Says After That) It's Lacoste Dawg!
I Floss Dawg, & I Stay With My Juelz On, U Probably Wouldn't See This Much Ice In A Hail Storm!
There's Nothing To Flash, But Fuckin Wid Cass, Will Get You Bucked On, Buck An A Half!
Cause It's Only A Handful Of Rappers That's Touching Da Cash, & Most Of Dem, Gettin
Fucked In They Ass!
There's Snakes Up In Da Grass, N Cass I Gonna Blast When The Beef Is On, I Walk Wid The Shells, But I Ain't Got No Adidas On!
N I'll Squeeze The John Even If The Law Watchin, I'm To Hard, The Rap Version OF Bernard Hopkins!

Nigga! Cassidy bitch! Scream at me!

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