Ano Novo (Tradução em Inglês)

Chico Buarque

Álbum: Ano Novo

Compositor:Chico Buarque

the king arrived and already it ordered to touch the bells In the entire city Is pra to sing the hymns Displaying flags and I who I am very obedient boy It was indifferent Soon me comovo Pra to be contented Because it is New Year Has much time who this my people goes living muque Is the same jamb, is the same row Already was unbelieving Is always the same trick and who already saw of foot old egg The same Today is contented because it is New Year mine denies asked for a new dress to me and colorful Pra to commemorate I said: It dissimulates that she is not bare-footed Dances some waltz I want to be its pair and to my friend who does not see more favour All year that Only passes makes to cry I said to it: Man, has its pride does not make racket the king does not go to like and who will be blind All sees suddenly of the life Who blue will be sick Skirt in the race Who will have gift Brings showiest Who will have judgment Is well ditoso Who will have smile Is back in the front Therefore seeing brave and so loyal its people the king is contented Because it is New Year

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