Too Late


Maybe on my own
I didn't think it would be this way
But I miss that smile
And I miss those things
Hanging on the edge
Watching all the clouds comes by
I felt the breeze of joy
For the words you've said

Now I hope is not too late
Cause I never felt this way
Am I the only one who can see?
You and I were meant to be
Now I`ll do whatever it takes
Cause I know you feel the same way
I realized all of this
When I caught myself daydreaming about it

Remember that day
I didn't even think about it
When you held my hand
And took me so far
I`m looking for the way
To come back to the place we`ve started
And feel the breeze that brings you
To all my words and thoughts

I just wanna be around you
And laugh about little things
As we used to do
And I would leave my life and
Start all over again
Just to be with you

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