It's a name
It's a name you can call
Truth for pain
There´s no difference in the world

It's a saint
It's a saint you can call
Shows the last path you have followed from a bane

Give me only a good reason
Before you let go
So many times
There's a bulletproof soul

Whatever asked me?
It'll go away

So many times you sailed away
Running from sadness, it's all in vain
Haunted from all your uncontrol
Does weathervane shows?

So many lies you spread around
Wrapped in sadness, it`s all in vain
Haunted from all you can't control
Does weathervane shows?

It's a game
It's a game you can call
Tied against
All the differences in the world

It's a phase
It's a phase you can call
Stay awake
For your last trip before your crusade

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