Humanity Dethroned

Dark Empire

Erase, reform. Deceived by a light divine.
Create the reborn, believers that follow the blind.
Control, conform. Led to the slaughter, they wait.
Freewill deformed, consigned to the cold hand of fate.

Judgmental hearts and intolerant minds
Preaching with fear, leaving reason behind.
Sacrifice all innocence to influence the law,
The breaking of progress befall.

Lost by desire, we destroy the unknown.
Paralyzed dreams, illusions conceived from a mind cast in stone.
Truth forged by liars, grand design eternal.
A skeptic's disease decaying the free,
Humanity dethroned.

Slaves to the end, driven to condemn and blame,
Await the descend, denying questions the same.

Faulting the heart and distorting the mind,
Creating fear for the sins of mankind.
Undermine technology, the wisdom in us all, Shattering knowledge we fall.

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