The Forgotten Sin

The fallen leaves of time, I see,
Cover the ground eternally.
This indifference I so despise.
Sentenced ourselves, passive suicide.

How many times are you going to look away?
Pretend this is old news and not a concern for today?
Well bother, I've seen you in action and this is not right,
If we're going down, well, I'm going to put up the fight.

Again and again, our society placing the blame.
We're pointing our fingers, as victims we proudly proclaim.
Ignoring the problem and putting your mind on a shelf.
If you're looking for someone to blame, take a look at yourself.

See her there, a bloodshot stare,
She lays down the tracks to nowhere.
This tragic song plays on and on,
A requiem within.

Jaded and broken, we live out our days,
Hopeless to find a better way.
Media merchants tell us what we need.
A market of fear that we buy, sell trade, and breed.

There he stands, with trembling hands.
His child cries for mercy.
This tragic song plays on and on,
A requiem within.

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