Draw The Line

Day Of The Sword

You want to lead the life you want to lead without a care! Keep the status quo for fear that someone might give you a stare! Hiding from reality, afraid to show your stuff-You talk the talk, but you don’t walk the walk! Now I’m gonna call your bluff-Don’t build your house on shaky ground! For it will fall in a storm, pick one way and don’t go astray-Cause we’re gonna spew out all the luke warm, here!
Confused about which path to take, yet you know the one to choose! Follow in the footsteps of those who do not know the truth! You compromise your standards and all those whom you surround! But I will take a fall for no man who sticks his head back in the ground! You can try, but you can’t hide-Let me see your one true face! Don’t put on a show, either come or go-Stay in or jump out of the race…get out now!
I’m gonna draw the line! We’re gonna draw the line! Gonna draw the line for you!
No time for double-minded! No time to say goodbyes! You’ve had your fun in Babylon! It’s time we draw the line!
Which side are you on? Cause we’re not here to play! Gonna draw the line today!

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