No Hope For The 90's

Day Of The Sword

Hey little freak with your hair dyed black you love your clothes, you love them fags! Alternative lifestyle suits you great-I’ll aim for that crystal when the time is right!
Now don’t forget them wiggers! Baggy ass pants; rappin’ no sense! Might as well sniff a dogs ass-The same effect, probably more respect…
The sight of White Trash makes me mad-They never shave - they never bathe! Dreadlocked, sloppy, scumbag-I’ll give you some soap…on the end of a rope!
Pride-You got none inside! Esteem-It’s just a dream! Common sense-You’re just too dense! Soul-An empty hole!
An empty shell of a once great land left in the care of liberal hands! You’ll never get away from the issue of race-No pride, no sense, no shame…It’s all a game!
Drug addict - Low life - Street corner whore! Cowardly Whites-Walkin’ on all fours! Feminists - Fags - Pro choice hags! Political hacks and government slags! Peace corps-Missionaries-G.I. Joe! American pie-Serve it up with green dough! Wave your flags-Clap your hands! No yellow ribbons when the **** hits the fan!
Wouldn’t know the real world if it slapped you in the face-MTV tales about an equal place! Boob tube people you’re a prime time mold-This trendy way of life is gettin’ old! Gettin’ old, gettin’ old…Old!

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