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Hi, I am that boy
So ignored, so restrained
Got no use for self-expression
I'm hermetically contained
Heard you stomping from the bedroom
What the heel, maybe not this time
Saw you staring, fist at my face
Drops of spit blurring my sight

Hey you
I belong here
Heal he turning around
I'd take you away
From the deathbed you've been
Lying in, drain you into me

Hi, I am that boy
With no pride, with no name
I'm addicted to your rejection
But disapproval is still the same
I remember I couldn't breath
Being crushed against the walls
Felt the cold tiles on my backbone
God, I didn't stand firm at all

I wish I could make you feel this way
Same thing happened to you long ago
I wish you could take in like I did
I tried to let it go, try to let it go
Try to let it go -----------------

Once you gave me something
By your hands I first saw light
You took me from my mother's womb
But tell me does that give you the right?

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