A Moment To Remember

DJ Bobo

Everybody have fun tonight
Everybody will feel alright
Every single moment is a moment to remember
Everybody will get it right
Sing a song and see the light
Every single moment is a moment to remember

The night is young and so we are my friend
Looking for some action, show me your reaction - don't be shy

We're having a holiday in wonderland
Burning like a fire,couldn't get it higher - almost touch the sky
Don't say you're sorry, you ain't got no time
We'll sng a melody and make it shine

Turn up the music bring the lights down low
Think about tomorrow, forget about your sorrow
Just say "Yes"
Don't hurry up relax and just let go
Here is the party, we gonna start it -yes you must confess
This kind of feeling never felt before
So turn around and we say more,more,more

Welcome to the world of joy,of love and harmony
This is the place to be tonight, I know you've got the key
Dance the night away,freak out until the morning comes
The rythm's gonna get you when you hear the drums

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