Drowned In My Enemy


Crossed desires, broken wires.
Disable the search for winds of self and passion.
Sanctify, your control, of your sobered thoughts. Keep Pride.

Now its all gone,
Its Pumping inside,
Your black veins

Its all too late,
For the stream of broken souls.
YouÂ’ve drowned in, my enemy.
IÂ’ve seen your weakness before,
At the heart of my desire.
Its all gone,
Your all gone.

Your Gone

Its safe, your safe, its safe, its safe, your safe, its safe!

Your So,
Gone in the head you donÂ’t recognise me,
Intelligence is all I need but you,
Your loosing your grip,
Just take the time to listen to my,
Ignorance is, drowning out your, incomprehensible screams.
Its In side your head. Take this time to look at me. Descreate.

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