Erase Begin


Don’t act as if you don’t know
It former life was insane
Cast your mind back
Five years when
Moral thoughts were in
Frame all those years
Were in vane cast down
The shame takes away your decision
Cast down the shame.

And your lies
This fucking life’s not for me
Stop this don’t think you cross
Paths with your back turned
To the darker side of the truth
Stop thinking we can’t see
Through your shit

How’s he going to say?
This how’s she going to take this I don’t want to
Know about your pretence lost amongst your defense
Time is going to pierce through your outer shell
Show your lesser self
I won’t wait to watch this unfold
You wanted lust now all

You got is her tears
It’s simple
Don’t ever loose sight of your true light
Indecisive control freak and I can’t take this kind of treatment
It’s not like
I’m here for you in truth
We are the poor without your honesty
Our life means no more than this shit

Focus your thoughts on your mission
be sure that your path way will always be clear
in your mind focus your thoughts on your mission


Distract us
From the realm of realism
You’re falling deeper
Your dreams are unheard
I’ll guide you
Don’t spread yourself
Too thin grow taller.

Knowledge is your freedom from nothing takes this
Your mind this is life forget all of what you know
Now it’s our time to reload

Cross yourself
For the price that you’ll pay divide
The ties between your lies
And this advice that we advise
Has not worked so well
For us so good luck and goodbye
It’s simple!
Don’t ever fuck around

Erase Begin

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