Hand of Light


Bloody massacre on the Night of Avargh Ruinous dragons tore the flesh under the Moon Lost safety in the tunnels of dwarfs I tried to hide away from my impending doom I was wearing a ring where a spirit dwelt within On my dragon-scaled arm of unworldly forces I stuck in the darkest, infinite tunnels of nothing Hiding away from my fears and painful memories S'almeynal the first battledragon! I could use his power as a weapon Wearing his soul in my ring Locked inside on my scaly wrist Asbar! the legendary place! Where dragons wore the mask of human race Was calling me with vicious, eerie mist With anger I shook my reptile clawed fist I will return and fight! With the force of fire With my Hand of Light I'll kill out all desire! I will punish and pay back! You'll be revenged, you'll be dead! Will punish and pay back! You'll be revenged, you'll be dead! With my hand of dragon gods and burning light I'll tear out your bloody guts and pulsating heart! Burning like a piece of wood: This will be your salvation! Cruel execution! Wreaking my vengeance on you This is my mission! End of fornication!

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