Lord of The Darkest Freedom


Falling into the abyss of subconsciousness Traveling without moving, through the hollow emptiness Deep dreams of bloody mystic seas The wound in my mind which was only misery and disease Transformed now into a gate That leads to knowledge and sealed my fate Pain is the solution! Immortalized me for endless thousand years Pain is the key! To the door that leads to eternity The roots of the force Are growing under the blood-soaked ground Everything seems wasting away As I'm waking up and looking around The burning eyes of cold truth Are watching the prey, there's no more pray Domination, freedom! I rule the pain of eternal wisdom Force of decay cannot rule on me anymore Stronger than time or space, I face the storm I saw the places that you've never seen I heard the voices of the deepest realms I felt the cosmic darkness deep within What you've never dared to believe in Pain is the kingdom of eternal wisdom I am the Lord of the Darkest freedom! Domination! A secret of nature that never dies Execution! I'm the gate of fate: vengeace is mine Magic solution! The pain brings you sacrifice Eternal wisdom! I am the Lord of the Darkest freedom

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