Class Of Whenever


Don't believe a single
Word they say
It doesn't matter anyway
Take my word
It's coming back around someday
You don't have to harbor this pain
Don't even think I'm making it
Don't even think I'm hanging on

If I don't go
I'll be sorry later
All that I've tried
Gotta figure out
What's in my head
All that I've done
Sum it up standing there
In front of my friends
Try to figure out
What' in my head
If I'm not already dead

It's been five years
I've had my chance to make it
Like it matters anyway
We're so smug
We say we're so successful
Drinking punch and
Trying to amaze

Faces that I haven't seen in years
Mystified and insincere
I don't know why we're
All misunderstood

Composição: Frantics

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