Kids Of Summer


I don't wanna
Go to work again
Think it's the only
Place I've ever been
I would rather be at home
Watching t.v. all alone
Than to be in this
I feel it eating
At my soul again
My candle's burning
And it's reached the end
But there's nothing I can say
To make a difference anyway
And get me out of here

I used to have a heart
When we were the kids of summer
But the dying had begun
When you and I were young

I don't wanna
Go to sleep again
By six a.m. I'm
Wishing I was dead
A couple hours in the sack
Turn around I'm heading back
To start the cycle again
Gotta wear
That stupid painted grin
When I just wanna
Jump right out of my skin
I'm needing something that is true
But there's nothing I can do
I gotta pay the bills

Composição: Frantics

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