In Her Own Words

Somehow we talked it up without saying a goddamn wordForgot everything we heard about the worldAnd how we'd learn it'd knock us over in the endAnd I don't wanna be a backup plan againI don't wanna be your pick-me-up againYou promised everything would work out in the endI don't wanna be a backup plan againThe words that you took backWere never the ones that would ever mean anything to meI gave you my best shot but you were a lost causeWhy did you mean anything to me?Got strung up on everything that never was importantI'll try to get it right. I just don't know what to doI'm trying my hardest to keep my composureI'm trying my hardest to keep my feet on the groundAnd my hands in my pocketsThe bags straining the skin below my eyes showThe wear and tear of you being aroundI just don't know what to doChalked it up to feeling so let down againFinally found a place to lay my head, but it's hard to sleepI'll stay awake insteadFeeling like I'm walking aimlessly againMaking pebbles into boulders once againI walk these streets all alone to clear my headI don't wanna wander aimlessly againGot strung up on everything, cut ties to everything we had

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